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Edifier 4002557 R980T 2.0 Shelf Speakers 24W Black

Edifier 4002557 R980T 2.0 Active Compact Desktop / Bookshelf SpeakerSystem Pair 24 Watts With built in Amp and Dual RCA inputs Includescables (Black) The R980T powered amplified bookshelf speakers offer a sound that is full of presence and depth. Designed for enhanced bass, the R980T bookshelf speaker system is calibrated with a flared bass reflex port. Resulting in rich detailed sound that will take your breath away. This flared bass reflex port is encased in a 100% medium-density fiberboard wooden enclosure. The wooden accent encompassing the full package of the R980T bookshelf speakers compliment both a home, studio and office setting. The classic wood finish enclosures are brilliantly designed to minimize acoustic resonance while simultaneously producing a clean finish any audiophile will enjoy. Studio-quality 2.0 speaker system with dual RCA input. Product Features Suitable for desktops, laptops, TV, record players and much more No need for amplifier or receiver just plug into source and play Flared bass reflex port enhances overall bass sound TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: RMS 12W × 2 SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: ≥85dBA INPUT TYPE: Dual RCA input (RCA - RCA and RCA to AUX) INPUT SENSITIVITY: PC: 700±50mV AUX: 550±50mV (THD + N=1%) TWEETER UNIT: Φ13mm silk domed tweeter, 4Ω THD + N: 10% DISTORTION: ≤0.5% FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 70 HZ-20 kHz +/-9db BASS UNIT: BASS UNIT DIMENSION:140(W) × 226(H)× 197(D)mm MUSICVINYLMOVIESAMPED™IMPORTSMODVIDEO GAMESCLASSICALAE DEALSVINYL ACCESSORIESTURNTABLESELECTRONICSCOLLECTIBLESBOOKSCONSUMER PRODUCTSCLEARANCE


Edifier R1280DB Wood 2.0 Book Shelf Speakers Bluetooth Optical Input42

Edifier R1280DB Wood 2.0 Book Shelf Speakers Bluetooth Optical Input42 Watts Wood Grain Edifier's Speakers Just Got Better The R1280DB has the classic look you love with all new features of modern powered Bluetooth speakers. The clean wooden finish of the R1280DB bookshelf speakers leave a lasting impression of elegance and luxury. The upgraded specs accommodate a standard of professionalism while improving quality and performance. The naturally fine tuned Bluetooth bookshelf speaker is enjoyable in just about any setting enhancing the style of your domestic living space. All New Style - A newly refined look you love with a twist. Black wood keeps the classic look with a fresh twist on the style of modern technology. Innovation and style are important elements that accompany the feel of the R1280DB Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. Hi-tech quality and style drive the overall experience of this powerful black bookshelf speaker. Upon first glance the black wood finish gives any reviewer the impression of a sleek and stealthy Bluetooth speaker ready to deliver powerful performance. On-board Controls - Adjust the EQ using the on-board controls located on the active/powered Bluetooth speaker. Treble, bass, and volume knobs located on the side panel. The clear accessibility to on-board controls and modern functionality heighten the amiability of the R1280BD powered Bluetooth speakers. Clear and concise controls compliment the manual providing uninterrupted playtime. Fully Featured Inputs - Achieve HD audio with the help of the optical and coaxial inputs which are additions to the R1280DB Bluetooth speakers. We have kept the two RCA connections for both RCA and AUX connection. Also, wirelessly connect to your phone or laptop with Bluetooth. Edifier Bluetooth bookshelf speaker specs provide for the quintessential modern experience. Comprehension and control, all at your fingertips. Wireless Remote - Easily switch between inputs, adjust volume and power with the use of the remote. The features of our black remote add that extra layer of modern delight. Comfort and convenience is what the R1280DB seeks to provide with inclusion of the remote. Control at your fingertips yet again, with the R1280DB Bluetooth powered bookshelf speakers. Product Features TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: R/L: 21W+21W RMS SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: ≥85dBA (A) NOISE LEVEL: ≤25dB (A) INPUT SENSITIVITY: LINE IN1: R/L:450±50mV INPUT SENSITIVITY: LINE IN2: R/L:550±50mV INPUT SENSITIVITY: OPT/COA: R/L:500±50mFFS INPUT SENSITIVITY: Bluetooth: R/L:700±50mFFS FREQUENCY RESPONSE:55Hz-20KHz BASS UNIT:4 inch (116mm) TWEETER UNIT:: Φ13mm silk dome tweeter DIMENSON:5.75in x 9.5in x 7in (WxHxD) Includes 2X Speakers, Remote Control, Speaker Connecting Cable, RCA to RCA cable, 3.5 mm to RCA cable, Fiber Optic Audio cable, User Manual


Edifier 4004971 R1700BTs Powered Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless BookshelfSpeakers Pair 66 Watts

Edifier 4004971 R1700BTs Powered Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers Pair 66 Watts With Built in Amp and Multi Inputs Includes Remote Control and Cables (Brown) Rich and Detailed Sound - R1700BTs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Product Features Soundfield Spacializer - Soundfield Spatializer simulates a larger soundstage with the touch of a button. This unique feature creates wide-filed sound by optimizing each channel, sending out opposite signals to eliminate mutual interference and improve separation. Impressive Wood Finish - MDF wood with walnut wood finish-vinyl makes it a perfect addition to your living room, office, or study. Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX - No wires required! Connect to devices using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Enjoy listening from your phone, laptop, or tablet with wireless connection, works with iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices. Eagle Eye Tweeter - 30W + 36W RMS undistorted power, 4 inch woofer, and 19mm silk dome tweeter, the Edifier R1700BTs active Bluetooth bookshelf speakers make even the hardly-noticeable sounds very clear. And the DSP(Digital Signal Processing) and DRC (Dynamic Range Control) helps to minimize distortion for improved audio even at low volume. Multiple ways to connect - When connected the sub-out automatically detects the subwoofer and activates the digital crossover. Dual RCA inputs allow you to connect to two devices at a time. Connect to your devices such as phone, PC, laptop, tablet, or gaming console with RCA to RCA audio cable, and 3.5 mm-RCA audio cable, eliminates the need to switch cables. Built-in Controls - Convenient dials on the side panel of the speaker allows you to adjust the bass, treble, and volume, press the volume dial to toggle between inputs. Wireless Remote - Adjust volume, mute/unmute, switch inputs, Bluetooth, select sound field extension, and line-in mode with the wireless remote, no need to leave the couch. Removable Grill - Protects your speaker drivers, easy to remove for cleaning. TOTAL POWER OUTPUT: R/L(high): 15W+15W, R/L(mid-low): 18W+18W BLUETOOTH VERSION: Qualcomm 3031/V5.0 INPUT SENSITIVITY: LINE IN 1: 700±50mV, LINE IN 2: 550±50mV, Bluetooth: 400±50mV INPUT: LINE IN 1, LINE IN 2, Bluetooth DRIVER UNIT: Φ19mm tweeter unit + 4 inches woofer SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: ≥85dBA FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 52Hz-20KHz Includes: RCA to RCA cable, RCA to 3.5mm cable, Speaker Connecting cable, Remote Control, User Manual